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Traveling from Denver to Japan

If you’re planning a trip from Denver to Japan for either business or pleasure, you’re in for a treat. Japan is famous for its rich cultural traditions, delectable cuisine, dedication to the arts, and stunning natural wonders.

However, as is the case when traveling to any foreign country, it’s important to be thoroughly prepared before you go. Here are some key things to consider when traveling from Denver to Japan.

It’s Wise to Pack Light

Many hotel rooms in Japan are on the smaller side, so you may have trouble finding a suitable place to stow a large suitcase in some of them. The same goes for the public transportation you might rely on to get from the airport to your accommodations and vice versa.

Packing light is advisable, so only bring what you need. And as far as clothing goes, remember that you may find yourself sitting on the floor in some restaurants. Pack items that make it possible to do this comfortably. Shoes should be easy to slip into and out of, as you’ll likely eventually visit venues with a “shoes off” policy.

Prepare to Pay in Cash

Although you may be able to use your credit cards as usual when shopping at bigger businesses and exploring larger urban areas, you also want to carry cash, just in case. Family-owned businesses and many parts of rural Japan will only take cash.

You’ll likely be able to restock your cash supplies at ATMs throughout Japan, but you’ll still want to start your journey with plenty of cash, especially if visiting rural locations.

If you’re traveling from Denver to Japan, consider visiting the International Currency Exchange at Denver International Airport before you take off. It’s a great place to access a wide range of foreign currencies – including Japanese yen – at competitive exchange rates.

Japanese yen notes and coins, highlighting the need for cash in Japan

Consider Purchasing a Data-Heavy SIM Card

You’ll likely be relying heavily on data while exploring Japan, especially when finding your way around while you’re there.

Japan’s address system can be complicated, even for those who live there full-time, so prepare to spend a lot of time with your favorite smartphone navigation apps. They’ll take a lot of the guesswork out of staying oriented.

Learn a Bit of the Language

In most major Japanese cities and tourist areas, you’ll probably be able to get by speaking only English. However, you may have trouble being consistently understood in some rural areas. Either way, knowing even a bit of basic Japanese can be useful, especially when eating out at restaurants.

Consider brushing up on a few useful words, phrases, and terms before you go. Cover some options for asking where the bathrooms are, ordering in restaurants, or requesting directions. Practice until you’re comfortable.

Ultimately, preparedness is the key to having a smooth, enjoyable trip when traveling from Denver to Japan. Brush up on local customs associated with the area you’ll be visiting, book accommodations in advance, and know what to expect when you arrive.

Your Journey from Denver to Japan

As your journey from Denver to Japan unfolds, embracing a spirit of adventure and preparedness will ensure a memorable and enriching experience. Immerse yourself in Japan’s exquisite blend of ancient traditions and modern wonders, savoring every moment of your trip. Remember, the key to a seamless adventure lies in thoughtful planning – from packing efficiently to familiarizing yourself with local customs. Utilize convenient services like the International Currency Exchange at Denver International Airport to ease your financial transactions, and take the time to learn some basic Japanese phrases to enhance your cultural engagement. As you embark on this exciting journey, let the anticipation of discovering Japan’s unique beauty and charm be your guide, making your travel not just a trip but a journey of a lifetime.